A meeting of tributes and sharing

Fiona did a great job of chairing our first meeting without Sue while she takes her sabbatical. After the usual housekeeping we paid tributes to Barbara Peterson who sadly passed away last week. Martin and Fiona read from her work which demonstrated her ability to write both seriously and humourously. Some of it had us laughing out loud.

We also paid tribute to Andrea Levy who has also sadly left this world. Predencia read from her recently dramatised The Long Song.

We then heard from members who shared their work which was, as ever, moving and engaging.


Barbara Peterson

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WWB Comes of age – our 18th birthday party!


WWB18_16It was truly an amazing night. Old members, some who have been there from the start, new members, some who have only been with us a few months, and everywhere in between. There was music, there was amazing poetry, there were speeches and reminiscences, there was cake, there was drink, there was joy, there was happiness, and did I mention that there was music… well into the night. As one member commented ‘this is one of the highlights of my year’. It was one of mine too.


Some other picture of the night

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There will be some videos too follow, then you can click on an image to have a laugh

Vid Thumb_01  Vid Thumb_02  Vid Thumb_03  Vid Thumb_08Vid Thumb_04  Vid Thumb_05  Vid Thumb_06  Vid Thumb_07

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Birmingham Literature Festival 2018

liturature festival 2018

Download the full programme, click HERE

Or see it online, click HERE


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WWB meeting report 04 August 2018

Considering it was the height of the holiday season, what a wonderful turnout of members today, 21 in all, unprecedented for the time of year we think!

Reports of the many events where WWB had been represented came thick and fast from a busy summer so far.  As is the way with this group, these were diverse and now almost international; if you count Scotland. Follow the links below:

  • The Solas Festival – Perth, Scotland where two members represented Writers Without Borders under the UNESCO umbrella.
  • WWB Summer Outing – Moseley Bog and Sarehole Mill where  many members gathered for relaxing conversation, picnic lunch and a leisurely walk in the summer sun.
  • Celebrating Sanctuary – performances in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
  • KHARnival – Highbury Park, eight members shared their writing in support of the Kings Heath Action for Refugee organisation.
  • Reggae Women – Midland Arts Centre, several members joined with other prestigious performers to close the ‘Beyond Windrush’ festival.

Sharing of work

A good number of the group shared their writing in splendid manner, with the usual wide range of topics and deliveries; Slave ancestors, swimming with sharks, woodland creatures Tolkien style, complex personalities, observations on life and the struggles of hidden violence and rebirth all absorbed and delighted listeners.


WWB Birthday Party – members are reminded to book their place for themselves and guest by replying to Vivian’s email before the 01 September please!

See you all on Saturday 01 September for the next exciting meeting!

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Shirin Ramzanali Fazel’s work speads its wings

Many of us at WWB will have heard Shirin share her intense and sensitive piece ‘Mare Nostrum’; you missed a treat if you haven’t!

Well, this piece was recently featured in a magazine and spotted by a French composer, Elizabeth Bossero, who was so taken by the subject and quality of writing that she contacted Shirin for her permission and then wrote and composed a performance piece ‘Solentium Nostrum’. This has subsequently been filmed and recorded and is on YouTube for you and the world to see.

Follow the link below, it is in French but is still very interesting and of course, a wonderful acknowledgement and endorsement for Shirin. Well done !!

Silentium Nostrum de Elizabeth Bossero concert

Mare Nostrum


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WWB performs in the park for KHARnival

11219632_657512421056199_7270313117920127763_n-400x300There was definitely a party going on around the Orchard in Highbury Park this sunny afternoon. The Kings Heath Action for Refugees summer event ‘KHARnival’ comprised a variety of events including members of Writers Without Borders who had been invited for the second year to share their writing with the public.

Glad of the shade in the glade, mature trees stood to attention around the meeting space as we gathered on logs, thankfully with cushions, to share our writing.

Just away from the main events area, it was a little quieter than we might have hoped but, with eight WWB members plus a few friends, readers performed to their usual high standard. The passing visitors came, dallied a little and want on, but overall there was a relaxed and enthralling hour and a half of poetry, stories with both tears and laughter.

It was great to have non-members, although most part of the extended WWB family, share their work too. Thank you to all those that contributed with words and the impromptu drumming at the end.

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The Moseley Bog Blog

So close to the city centre, the WWB Annual Outing was definitely a delight for the senses, a haven of wild, wooded and wet spaces.

Bog01Meeting at Sarehole Mill, we were ten at twelve noon for lunch and a drink. Good conversation and the chance to catch up with each other was an opportunity well taken in the growing heat of the day.

With the Mill out of action, it was decided to walk up to the Moseley Bog a short distance away. With the outing being entitled ‘The Tolkien Trail’, it was still part of the much wider route which takes in many places around the city, too much for one single visit.Bog05

Once we had found our way into the place, we had a charming and gentle board-walk amble through thick woods, open grassy spaces, and the wet patches that give the almost secret spot its name. More quiet conversation and reminiscences were the order the day.

Bog07Exiting through beautiful sculptural gates, it was back to the real world of traffic and tricky road crossings but all safe back to the car park. Final thanks for the great company and chat had the group going their separate ways to the many diverse things of everyday life that plague us all.

Just for those who asked the question, the Bog is combined with Joy’s Wood which is named after Joy Fifer who, in 1980, lead the campaign to save the Bog from being destroyed by the council as part of their landfill programme at the time. The now naturalised space of the former tip is named for her and is part of the combined ‘Moseley Bog and Joy’s Woods Local Nature Reserve’ in perpetuity for the people of the city.

Thanks to the creator for such small wonders to have at our fingertips to enjoy now and hopefully again.Bog02

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