Befriending a lost Zero

A Zero was wandering round Biggish Gas
“What can we do with it?”, everyone asks

“A Zero’s nothing, worthless. I’ll just disappear”
“No, we’re sure we can use you.” Their boss cries, “Hear, Hear!

With a spare Zero? There’s more we can achieve!
I’ll show you just what I’ve got up my sleeve”

They set Great minds working. Overnight, candles burnt.
“Old-time thinking on bills, that thinking must be turned

We’ll rethink the whole idea of the bill
It’s not what they have used — it’s what they will!

Winter’s ahead– more gas used –no fret, no sweat
Our biggest brain’s sorted it — call it “Virtual Debt!

Customers complained about our 10% rise”
“You don’t mean what I think?”, Zero’s shocked and surprised

Says the Boss, “Now they’ll pay upfront– without delay.”
“But that’s prepay without the meter!” cries Zero in dismay

“And that’s Enron accounting — claim profits you don’t have now
And if they don’t use what you claim, they’re to pay anyhow?”

“Zero, fame beckons –your face on 6 million bills –cut the sentiment
Last year’s 10% rise — — — you’ll make it one hundred percent!

Now, Zero, you got any mates?”

© Barbara Peterson 2010


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