ten to win

here comes the number ten
with just ten to win
and, of course, ten balls remaining,
the first nine have managed an average of just over ten
scoring with streaky fours, a couple of sixes,
an overthrow of five,
and lots of quick singles.

meanwhile, the ball whizzes past the outside edge,
seems like 100mph!
and the next spins off a crack in the pitch
then a delivery strays down leg-side
and the last of the over is an unplayable bouncer!

the number nine and ten need ten off six
first three the tail-enders can hardly see
and the fourth is a middle-stump yorker –
somehow dabbed to mid-on for a quick single

number ten to face
it’s pitched outside off and whack,
four runs through the covers
final ball, can he clear the boundary rope?
here it comes, pitching at pace on middle and off
number ten plays across the line
and it sails over mid-wicket for a sixer!

perhaps number ten batsman ought to be promoted after this display
happy tenth birthday wwb!!

Immy, living in exile ‘down saff.’

© Imran Ali 2010


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