Meeting at the pearly gates

He says: I’ve been waiting for you these last ten years
She says: Didn’t I tell you I was in no hurry

He says: I never saw that side of you that cries
She says: I if I disappointed you, I’m sorry

He says: I’ve been watching you all this time
She says: You always had so little to do

He says: I’ve longed for you to come back and be mine
She says: Don’t be so sure I’m coming back to you

He says: So they deserted you too, left you on your own
She said: They were just very busy with their own lives

He says: Never mind, they’ll reap what they have sown
She said: It was their excuses I most despised

He says: Come, we’ve go all of eternity
She says: I know, that’s what’s been bothering me.

© Predencia Gabbidon 2006


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