Writers Without Borders
Indicate that the original initiatives
Of its founding members resonate today, far and wide
This is Writers Without Borders’ tenth anniversary
Making a celebration of this occasion
Fundamentally necessary
Internally we grow
Externally glow
Me write bout high-me write about low
Remembering faces -those nostalgic places
I overflow
Highlighting dirt produces notions of clean
Reality, fantasy, imagination, dream
Running the gauntlet my team
Drawn to this field like magnets to a cause
Respectfully observing universal laws
Some may be vibrant, shining, amongst the very very best
Others shy, retiring, we value them no less, yes!!!
I write about strong, I write about weak
Aspiring neophyte, studying mystique
Seeing wisdom, earnestly speculate truth
I salute
Past, present, prophetic page
Silent sufferers’ salient rage
Hollywood – Hollywood, glorified stage
Hidden victim, regardless of age
Hate – hate, fighting against peace
Death, destruction, dire disease
Edifying some, their wealth increase
Fear plagued courageous hearts
Stifling dissent, burning scars
Faceless instigators, you-you-you manipulators
Consequences – consequences, gods of wars
Precious – precious life, from you alone I learn
Appreciating seasons’ turn
People from different backgrounds and culture
Transcending and blending like porcelain sculpture
Developing relationships based on trust and mutual respect
Recognising and acknowledging our different dialects
Writers Without Borders
People without limits
Every ten years or so comes a new decade
What every writer must know, pen mightier than blade
Mightier than blade, mightier than blade
© Michael George 2010


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