Writers Without Borders
Happy 10th birth day
for 2010

You have done wonderful job within one decade


You have given me a chance to openly acknowledge who I am
And helped me appreciate more of who I am
Not only as a writer ,
As humble human being -with a long heritage of mighty strength & pride.
A contributor to this great life – with little illusion but with plenty experience.

As a mother of this creation – who stand for justice & love.
As force from Mighty Creators -who only seek truth & rights.

Here in this foreigner land – I remember who I am, where I am from
And the journey my ancestors stared .
To which my pen will march , protest, demonstrate,
document and of course celebrate.

Not only in my mother tongue , but that voice which others will hear the
thoughts from my vision !

Who I am ? I am the Universe , black beauty, thank to my creator.

History and life.

Crunch , problems , death, and peace ? !


I see a black man now in the White House
However I know the game as yesterday -BUT -we are survival .



Thank you writers Without Borders
Here you are to stay
To day and tomorrows
For younger generation to come.
I personally salute the founders of Writers Without Borders
Those who still walk the land
and sadly those who now passed through

For providing a free , happy and supportive space .
For us ALL to express our serves

Happy birth day

And many many more !

Patricia Sinzi BAMURANGIRWA © October -2010


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