Farideh’s Poem

No regrets_ for the last decade
For the mistakes I’ve made
For possible embarrassments or shames
For not being submissive or just to obey
No regrets – If sun fails to impress me today
For bitter wind, cold and breeze after yesterday
If hopeless, dead skin tomorrow
Wouldn’t spare me pain.

For the last ten years_ No regrets
If I unleashed my soul to an embrace
To the passion I will never erase
As the colour had covered my pale face
No regrets – If others believed
My love was built on sands
Shivered by mindless dance
In careless hands
And waited for me to stumble and to get rant
While his absence made me a city without land.

No remorse
For my solitary walk on life’s road
Revealing untold, imprisoning thoughts
As people got puzzled and confused
Felt bitter and impair
Which I didn’t find it in vain!
No regrets – For licking an old wound,
Wounds that never healed
The hurt that couldn’t conceal
When ice was all around me
And the ground liquefied beneath me.

Ten times seasons has changed
My view has shifted from a dot to universe
There is nothing I want to forget
Peace is what I do associate
My heart disconnects any hate
A mirror now reflects my faith
For who I am at this time
Sharing a life of the mind
As I never let my eager die.
Addressing me by my being, not my envy!

© Farideh Valigholizadeh 2010


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