People of different races
With beautiful faces
Some sitting in high places
A myriad of cultures
Like one big melting pot
Writers without borders
That’s what we have got.
A rich cultural mix
Ten years of artistical bliss.

A decade in time has gone
Since the group began
We cannot forget Roi Kwabena
A founder member who has
since has passed away
But his legacy and memory
is here to stay.

10 being a cardinal number
And a decimal point
In terms of maths it has been
Truly an artist’s path.

The perfect 10 has seen sheer growth
Of excellence in the performances
Of writers without borders
there will be no last orders.

During the mighty 10
Many papers has been connected
With the pen.
So much to savour with
all the various flavours
Pros, the spoken words for hors d’oeuvres
Starters, main course and dessert
has been our portion
a call for celebration.
Since second city has given birth
to writers without borders
it has reached the legal age.

The mighty 10
Is associated with so many great things
To name but a few:
News at 10 with Big Ben.
10 Commandments on Mount Sinai
a decalogue
This we cannot deny.
The decagon multi facet
Not forgetting the solid decahedron
10 is also a political figure
It is the seat at the heart of the government.
Cameron’s Den at Downing Street
Where hierarchy meets and greets.

Writers without borders has explored
And celebrated
The various cultural traditions
And values within its’ group
members and beyond.

A borderless parameter
Professionals and amateurs
Finding the good that’s
All around
Believing in the purpose of the group
and showcasing its’ talents
to multicultural audiences
without borders.


© Ita Gooden 2010


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