Writers Without Borders consists of an ethnically diverse  group of writers who are all based in Biringham. They seek to pave their way in a culture diverse in its heritage and language. For some of the members English is not their first language, but wha they all have in common is thier desire to share and enlarge their range of experiences. While English is their meeting point it is not the only language for self expression in these volumes. Good writing knows no borders. You will find pieces in Croatian, Urdu, Kurdish, Farsi, Jamaican Patois, English, Arabic, Serbo-Croat and ‘creolese’ English.

Saving The Seeds

Saving the Seeds. . . the new collection of poetry and prose published in 2005

It has a companion CD called simply Writiers Without Borders – the CD

‘The oral tradition is a heritage of song, speech and performance visable in such folk forms as the litanic work songs, chants, battle songs, Queh, Queh, (wedding) songs, hymns, thousands of Caypso, mentos,and reggae songs, sermons of both the grassroots and establishment churches, riddles, jokes and word-games’ Gordon Rohlehr (As quoted by Roy McFarlene on CD inlay (2007)).

The Shakespeare Memorial Room

The Shakespeare Memorial Room. . . an anthology of prose and poetry.

‘Desire, loss, violence, displacement – this book has issues.’ In a chant you hear where the voice has been….This anthology is not a box of chocolates: it’s a toolkit, a weapon chest, a cooking pot. Joel Lane



Griot is a West African word meaning story-teller, and it is the title of the first publication from Writers Without Borders. Griot is a dazzling collection of poetry by 16 different writers from the group. Work appears in English, Kurdish, Urdu, Serbo-Croat, Arabic, Jamaican ‘patois’ and ‘creolese’ English.

”Modern Birmingham’s real claim to fame is the extent to which it is a genuinely multicultural city. Together the choir of poets represented in this anthology constitutes that City’s voice” Stewart Brown, University of Birmingham

”Griot” is a volume which is vibrant, dynamic and accessible, capturing the rich diversity of poetic voices in twenty-first century Britain. This book is a celebration!” Adrian Blackledge, University of birmingham

Writers Without Borders publications can ebe ordered from any library or bookshop.

Writers Without Borders: The CD: ISBN 9780953968190 £8.75
Saving the Seeds: ISBN 09539681189 £8.75
The Shakespere Memorial Room: ISBN 09539681146 £8.95
Griot: ISBN 0953968111 £7.50


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