A meeting of tributes and sharing

Fiona did a great job of chairing our first meeting without Sue while she takes her sabbatical. After the usual housekeeping we paid tributes to Barbara Peterson who sadly passed away last week. Martin and Fiona read from her work which demonstrated her ability to write both seriously and humourously. Some of it had us laughing out loud.

We also paid tribute to Andrea Levy who has also sadly left this world. Predencia read from her recently dramatised The Long Song.

We then heard from members who shared their work which was, as ever, moving and engaging.


Barbara Peterson


About predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com
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7 Responses to A meeting of tributes and sharing

  1. Elaine Yap says:

    Sorry I was not able to make Saturday’s meeting because of an unforeseen circumstance which left me heading back home post haste. My late apologies. Health acircumstance was the cause. Glad everything went well for Fiona and missing Barbara’s tribute was understandable. Looking forward to our next meeting. Elaine/Kitty

  2. Tessa Kate Lowe says:

    Dear All
    I was so touched to get your wonderful card with all the lovely ( and artistically written!) messages. Fair made my day it did!
    Thank you so much. I honestly had no idea you cared whether I came or not. I didn’t want to take up a place as I have not been writing much recently and have been very spasmodic in coming for well over a year. I knew we had a waiting list ( or maybe you’ve decided to discontinue that experiment?)
    If there’s a space, I could be a ‘Country Member’ perhaps?
    Anyway, blessings on your lovely heads for today’s joyous arrival in the post.
    Tessa Kate

    • predencia says:

      Oh how we care! We miss you. What is a ‘Country Member’?

      • Tessa Kate Lowe says:

        It’s a person who pays reduced membership fees because they live too far away from the Club so only very rarely uses its facilities. A very colonial ‘Country Club’ kind of concept! In my case I adopted it to mean someone who is an irregular contributor or attendee but is still a member nevertheless!
        Elaine would have fitted the definition to a tee when she lived away away by the seaside.
        I used the term as a joke really!

  3. predencia says:

    It would be lovely to have you as a country member Tessa. The precedence has actually already been set. The waiting list issues has, thankfully, resolved itself. Please give me a call/text if you want to go ahead.

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