August Member of the Month – Femi Abidogun

Femi  Abidogun

Femi Abidogun

Writing is all about expression i.e. the expression of all sorts! And it is that unique opportunity and freedom to express without being inhibited that endears me to it. I am particularly interested in writing poetry and short stories.

What makes poetry quite appealing to me is the ability to allow emotions, experiences, feelings and thoughts to be expressed aptly via the stringing together of carefully chosen words.

Being a member of Writers Without Borders has provided me the opportunity of performing some of my writings at a few events as well as interacting with other writers from diverse backgrounds.

My writings are majorly influenced by my environment, experiences(both mine and others) and general happenings around us. Some of my writings have appeared in a few publications while my first solo collection of poems, Blonde Grass, was published in 2012. In addition to writing, I also enjoy sports, music, travelling and meeting people.

More about my book and recent literary activities involving me can be found on:


There is
Out here,
A sight so rare.
Rousing in the air
Is a great abundance
Of unparalleled radiance;
The golden sun is out smiling
Leaving everywhere
Bright and shiny
The blue sky is as bright as can be
So for a change, we do no whining
The only sounds to our hearing
Are cute birds softly chirping
In an atmosphere so inspiring.
As this day grows by
Ageing gracefully into a gleaming night
Courtesy of the full moon’s cheery light,
We look left, right
And then up high
Deep into the sky’s eyes
Seeking to know the reason why
It’s such a glorious day.
Just then, the whisperings of calm, therapeutic breeze
Silence us and say:
“True, it is a beautiful day
But do not ask why
Just bask in it without further delay
Before it takes its leave and goes away
To be gone for a long, long while”


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