August’s Meeting

On what was an unpredictable day weather-wise there was no unpredictability in the quality and sincerity of the pieces being shared today.

Sue Brown - spreading love at our meeting today

Sue Brown – spreading love at our meeting today

Although a good chunk of the time was spent discussing and planning for our showcase performance on 10th October as part of Birmingham’s literary festival, we carved out sufficient space to share our pieces and to practice and hone our performance skills.

Sue Brown, our figure-head, congratulated and coached those who brought pieces, and made us think about our delivery in more expressive ways.

We were all very grateful. And thanks for the love Sue!


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2 Responses to August’s Meeting

  1. Inge Durrani says:

    Thank you, Sue, what would we do without you. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. Miss Kitty says:

    Thanks to Sue for bringing a new light to uor group. Members now fee less anxious and more confident in our performance. I am sure we will now go from strength to strength as not only a national phenomina but a worldwide group. Spotlight well and truly acquired.

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