May’s Member of the Month – Tessa Lowe



Tessa Kate |Lowe

I started writing poetry some years back which was a marvellous thing for me as it helped me find my own voice.
Since those early days I have become a lot more balanced and have found that people identify with the insights that revealed themselves to me and sharing them in performance spaces,both with Writers without Borders and others, has been most gratifying.
Here’s one that many people seem to like, so I trust you will too.


If you don’t swim in the lake where the
anglers are
Then you won’t get hooked

If the lure on the feathers of the fly-by-
Attracts you away from the call of the
Then the pain in the flesh as you take
that bite
As you’re caught and captured  to
struggle and fight
Is the one that will kill you
As you struggle for air
In the hands of the angler
Who cannot care
For aught but the pleasure
Of having you there
At his mercy

If the sight of the worm
On the end of the hook
Is enough to entice you to a closer look
To a feeding frenzy
That could fill you up
This time at least
Where it never had before
If the lure on the feathers of the fly-by-
Has the power to attract you at all
You will gasp on the bank
When his pleasure has gone
And he’ll scarcely heed your call
If you don’t swim
In the lake
Where the anglers are
Then you can’t get hooked

Tessa Kate |Lowe

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