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Erdington Hall Primary School 2012

A CREATIVE week was held for a primary school which hosted a range of workshops to enhance their children’s imagination.

Sue BrownCreative writer and performance poet Sue Brown with Year Six pupils Shelby and Mohammed. (SFPB20121114B-136_C)

Erdington Hall Primary School, which annually celebrates the enjoyment of books, focused on poems this year to give pupils the chance to experience the journey of poetry.

The educational week ran last Monday (November 12) to the Friday (November 16), when the children were given the opportunity to learn alongside a range of poets.

Deputy headteacher and literacy co-ordinator Carole Phillips said the workshop had a tremendous effect on engaging the pupils.

“They’ve loved everything about this week and have had such energy and enthusiasm,” she said.

“It has given them the opportunity to listen, enjoy, read and study high-quality poems, while improving their vocabulary options.”

The week featured performance poet Martin Glyn and creative writers Mandy Ross and Sue Brown, who were there to share their ideas.

Animals were also brought in to stimulate writing by the pupils themselves.

Children’s writer and poet Mandy Ross said: “It was a very exciting week and the children came up with lots of ideas.

“We wrote a mixture of animal lullabies which really allowed them to be inventive and imaginative.

“I feel they’ve started a creative journey but the main thing is they are learning and having fun with words.”

Creative writer and performance poet Sue Brown was able to share her poems with the children so they could learn the process of poetry.

She said: “We looked at a first draft of a poem I wrote so the children could give their opinions on how to improve it, which they really enjoyed.”

Erdington Hall pupils were asked to create a performance piece based on some of the poems they had read, which they also performed during this week.

Carole Phillips added: “The creative flair that is often missing in children’s work is now present at this school.

“It was a learning curve and the boost that we needed to drive our poetic culture and impact in the future.”

 From the Sutton Observer 23 November 2012


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