WWB Annual Outing to Ikon Gallery

WWB Outing day 027

Jean Painlevce bracelets

Thanks Viv for suggesting going to see the exhibitions by Jean Painleve and Oliver Beer at the Ikon Gallery, Oozles St in Birmingham. Our booked, guided tour, was conducted by Josiah, a young man who was very knowledgeable about both artists, their work, their methods and their motivation.


WWB Outing day 028

Jean Painleve sea horse bracelet

There were 14 of us with 14 different views of the exhibitions, but Josiah’s questioning really made us think beyond our initial reactions. There were some heated discussions, especially about Oliver Beers video of Marin Luther King’s Jr I have a dream speech. 

We had hoped to have an opportunity to write in the cafe after the tour, but due to the rain outside the cafe was very busy and we couldn’t get seats together. It gave members an opportunity to interact outside of our meeting format over drinks and food. It will be interesting to see what ideas were sparked by the exhibitions when we meet next month. Looking forward to it already.

WWB Outing day 035

Me, Predencia Dixon in the cafe curtesey of Ita Gooden


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