March Meeting Report 2017

Inside another gathering of such diverse and talented writers, it was fascinating to hear how inspiration came from similar areas of interest; maybe it’s the shared early warmth of spring


Quite unscripted, several pieces were observations of nature in all its glory and power, from storm Doris, to dappled light on chestnut trees and as far afield as the red dusty ranges of Africa; the images painted were magical. The second equally distinct theme was for personal observations of human foibles in not Kumboonly ourselves and how we live and breathe, but the lives of other people inside our individual spheres. Emotions abounded in the wonder of spoken words. Feedback was equally exquisite and well received.

Several members reported and shared their publications which is always great news for any member, books were both admired and purchased. Details of these and how to get them are set out below, or direct from the authors.

The future of the group is as exciting as ever and several ongoing projects were fleshed out a little more. The possibilities for the groups 18th Anniversary next year are starting to become very interesting and all suggestions would be considered by the core group.

recording-studio-microphoneThe Spoken Word Recording sessions in conjunction with BCU are ongoing and well subscribed for the next tranche at the end of March. We had the opportunity to listen to snippets from previous sessions after the university staff had worked a little technical magic on the already beautiful recordings. There will be other opportunities in the coming months so watch out for further details as they become available.

Details of the next meeting will be circulated nearer the date by our gallant secretary who wasn’t able to be with us today, but we wish Viv a speedy recovery from the viral unpleasantries of this time of year.

Several publications by other members can be found in previous posts, please check, but these were the ones shared at this meeting.

Cover Front‘When Heroes Hide Behind Curtain Ropes’
Available on Amazon, click the image to take you there.

G Mall cover‘King G the First’
Purchase direct from the author, Predencia Dixon.

Memento Cover100

from writers group Pens of Erdington,
with whome we share members
again click on the image to take you to the purchase site



About David Rollason

I am a writer, creative, inventive, observant, but the results are for you the reader to decide. There are things in my head constantly that I need to get out and into a readable form and this for now is my preferred medium. I am a simple being with complex workings. I am a complex being with simple logic. I am really just..... me.
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