August meeting

The biggest August turnout I’ve ever experienced. About 20 of us! It was such a lovely surprise to have Elaine Yap join us, and lovely to have two new visitors. It became obvious during our sharing of activities from the previous month that we are an incredibly active and versatile group. Many members have been involved in a variety of poetry events, one member, Suzan Spence has had two one woman shows performed.

Looking ahead, Predencia Dixon will be performing in her own one woman show, Madam Bonkiyung, on September 3rd, and we were happily planning our annual WWB event. This year it is  in collaboration with St Martin’s Church and will take place on November 12th. Love Without Borders will be part of the city wide focus on tolerance in wake of the negative reactions to the Brexit vote earlier this year.

WWB members continue to be well represented at the monthly Wednesday Night Mic at the Mango Lounge, hosted by Ita.

And then came the sharing of work. A reminder of what makes us Writers Without Borders.

About predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed poetry anthology Raw and blogger
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2 Responses to August meeting

  1. elaine yap says:

    Elaine Yap (Miss Kitty) was well happy to be part of the group once more. It’s as though I hadn’t been away. The welcome was warming and made me feel so proud of all our achievements. Will try my best to be here for the September meeting.

  2. predencia says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can make it.

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