The Dragon makes an impression

Published recently in the Phoenix newspaper, well done Ricky!

Ricky Dragon press2

Don’t forget you can get your copy on Amazon ! Click HERE to get it now!


About David Rollason

I am a writer, creative, inventive, observant, but the results are for you the reader to decide. There are things in my head constantly that I need to get out and into a readable form and this for now is my preferred medium. I am a simple being with complex workings. I am a complex being with simple logic. I am really just..... me.
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3 Responses to The Dragon makes an impression

  1. Tessa Kate Lowe says:

    Ricky, you are The man! Congratulations. Do you have copies to bring for sale at our next meeting perchance?

  2. Tessa Lowe says:

    It’s FABULOUS!
    Having Ricky in your house
    Having Ricky in your head
    Not waiting or wondering
    If he’ll be there to hear
    Instead, having Ricky in your head
    Having Ricky in a book
    So you only have to look
    Having Ricky in your house
    Is fabulous!

  3. What better publicity could you ask for from our family of creative writers, Thank you Tessa.

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