Holding Baby – rehearsal review 13-01-16

The inimitable Jan Watts has definitely come up with the goods with this marvellous piece.

Holding Baby

Although only an audience attended rehearsal in this developing play, it is easy to see that the finished work will be absolutely fantastic! The subject matter is one of personal substance and you are gripped from the very first minute with the chaos but intimacy of the storyline. The characters are so clearly defined that they grab your attention and draw you into the personal plight of each one.

Written from very personal experience, Jan has hit every nail on every head in her portrayal of confusion and social upheaval that families go through where so often Grandma is literally left holding the baby. The moving story of Kinship Care is portrayed perfectly but tempered with a perfect degree of amusement from the character of the Great Gran although even she has a poignant edge to her performance.

The combination of intuitive actors who all play strong and very real parts plus an important and often overlooked topic, even without a set, props or costume, I would have paid to see this one any day.

Please keep an eye out for further developments of this work as it moves to full stage production, hopefully later in the year.

Follow Jan and all her great work on her Facebook page from here –  Jan Watts

About David Rollason

I am a writer, creative, inventive, observant, but the results are for you the reader to decide. There are things in my head constantly that I need to get out and into a readable form and this for now is my preferred medium. I am a simple being with complex workings. I am a complex being with simple logic. I am really just..... me.
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2 Responses to Holding Baby – rehearsal review 13-01-16

  1. Tessa Kate Lowe says:

    Inspiring review David!

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