Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham Festival – 21 June 2014 – MAC

Saturday’s event Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham Festival – 21 June 2014 at MAC was an unqualified success. Thanks to the beautiful weather it all took place outside, with the audience made up of people seated on the benches (and by the afternoon standing round them and also dancing), a receptive and often very enthusiastic audience to boot. Thanks to our 7 worthy performers – Rashida, Tessa, Fiona, Patricia, Michael, Barbara and myself. Thanks to Sid, the warm and welcoming organiser of the event who made clear he would love us to take part again next year and plans to put up a separate platform outdoors for our spoken word performances. All in all an excellent day. I took photographs but I’m not sure if they are good enough quality to put on the website.

Vivian Yates


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