May Monthly Meeting 2014

Rashida Bagum

Rashida Bagum

13 of us were treated to a workshop on descriptive writing run by WWB member Rashida Bagum. She took us through the art of observational writing and how to create a character.

We astonished each other with the quality and diversity of what we produced with her expert guidance.

A few of us were afforded time at the end to share pieces that were burning

Elaine Yap AKA Miss Kitty singning a copy of her book

Elaine Yap AKA Miss Kitty signing a copy of her book

holes in our notebooks, and member Elaine Yap (AKA Miss Kitty) signed copies of her first publication Reflections of a Caring Woman


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1 Response to May Monthly Meeting 2014

  1. Inge Durrani says:

    Sorry to have missed some interesting events. I am sorry but I shall have to give  meeting you a miss for some time.

    With best wishes and much continued success.

    Inge Durrani

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