December Member of the Month – Rashida Bagum

Rashida Bagum

Rashida Bagum

I started writing because I love words. I am a voracious reader. I have always found solace and escape in books. I love writing poetry because it is so immediate and honest. I would love to write novels one day.


A hag hand crouching crablike
Bones protruding pathetically
Pokey fingers askew

Stabbing the sodden Earth
A sinister stillness grows

Sudden scurrying sends it

Shooting forwards

The ripe skin of the blossoming mushroom
Denuded by the pounding pain of the incessant rain
Mangled by the roadside
Abandoned by its owner
Lies the broken umbrella
Here’s a very recent one which I like.

the snaking garment slithers
coiling up the flesh
Striking at the heart

childbody all limbs
she seems all woman
wrapped up like a gift
in gaudy pink

lithe limbs
lies still
no longer a girl

he makes the fabric

sing as he unravels her

the snaking garment slithers
singeing flesh
he is enmeshed
in the 10ft saree

It is a river caressing her skin

childbody all limbs
She seems all woman


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Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed poetry anthology Raw and blogger
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  1. Tessa Kate Lowe says:

    So strong strong! Xx

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