October member of the month – Elaine Yap

Elaine Yap

Elaine Yap as Miss Kitty at Celebrating Sanctuary 2012

Elaine Yap as Miss Kitty at Celebrating Sanctuary 2012

I am a Jamaican born poet of a certain maturity, who came to England in my teens and started writing in the Seventies. My writing is based on personal experiences gained as I travelled life’s pathway, inspired  through the mind’s eye, the media or through the influence of loved ones or friends. I feel strongly about things and try to show my passions in the diversity of the pieces I create.

Although poetry is my main genre, I also write short plays and skits in Jamaican patois. I have over fifty published poems in various anthologies and nearly two hundred poems posted online on Writer’s Network. I shy away from public speaking, but I long desired to have the ability to be able to read to an audience some of my pieces with the same amount of conviction and passion with which I write.

I believe that love makes the world go around. ‘Love makes or breaks us’ We need to show, share and have more love, as it will make a difference to the world today. Love and hate come in all forms and is universal, the yin and yang. The most dynamic and powerful being love.


Because I am happy and glad
Or even when I am sad

I write when I am angry
When things go bad

I write about an issue
I write when I miss you

I’ll tell you when things annoy me
Things that I can do now’t about

I write when I am inspired
Talk about what’s transpired

In this my own lifetime
Making it… History.

I LOVE YOU (Three Little Words)

Three little words that mean so much
Responsive to your tender touch.
Gentle as the breeze that passes by
Cradled, protected, relaxed I sigh.
Words of magic that show you care
Whispered softly in my ear.

Reflecting on the things we do
Shows that you were meant for me, I for you.
Love it when you take my hand
Protecting me I feel grand.
With you I am so at ease
Just love it when you tease.

Love’s not a solitary thing
Don’t even have to sport a ring!
It shows in the things you do
It’s eternal, spontaneous not new.
You bring me flowers, life’s so nice
You do the things that add spice.
To the life and space we share
Proof to me how much you care.

Elaine Yap as Miss Kitty at Celebrating Sanctuary 2012

Elaine Yap as Miss Kitty at Celebrating Sanctuary 2012

In the stillness of my heart,
I yearn for you.

In the vision of my eyes,
I see only you.

In the portals of my mind,
You are always there.

I embrace the memory of you,
As the songbirds sing our song,
Of love and of our being.

The world is asleep,
While you are awake with me.

Right here blue skies through trees,
I sigh and evoke the rapture of you.

Sweet music fills the air,
Your presence enfolds me.

Gives glow to this feeling,
I hold within my being.

We are one in the oneness,
Of this world, this universe.
I will love only you.

As October is Black History Month and in honour of those who were enslaved and the love I have for we of colour….

Shackled they came, enslaved, no name
Over waters wide, which was the great divide
Between freedom, the Motherland
Whatever the price, like cattle sold
They were bartered, leered at, ogled in distain.

Innocence taken away, degradation at its worst.
The pioneers who campaigned for the abolition of slavery
Will say, ‘Barbaric, inhumane!’
All rights infringed, no value on life
By so called ‘Christian folk’

Slavery’s abolished, but continues today
People trafficking and child slaver
Abhorrent in a so called progressive society
Despite diversity slavery still endures
In today’s society as bonded labour.

How can we forget, how can we not be appalled?
By conditions suffered by our forefathers
Where is the dignity allowed to fellow human beings?
They were de-humanised, treated as property, as cattle

They could break your body, your spirit, whole
Your descendants carry on with strength and soul
They often forget the struggle you faced
But your place in history could never be replaced.


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Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com
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