Keisha Diamond – March Member of the Month

Keisha Diamond 

About Me

Keisha Diamond March Member of the Month

Keisha Diamond March Member of the Month

I wrote one my first poems called ‘blossom tree’ possibly when I was about 7 years old and it was hung up in school. I remember writing a magical story and being commended for it my teacher bringing me to the reception classes to read it for story time.

I’ve always had a way with words and creativity has always been the core and essential component of my life.

When I create I feel free, I feel the power of the universe expressing itself through me. I feel ALIVE and I feel LOVE.

Put simply, I love it.

I love the intimacy and realness of poetry, how it connects us on a human level. I love how poetry is so unapologetic with no heirs and graces; it can be raw and real, then so subtle. I love the passion, emotion and expression and essentially, that’s what I’m all about.

Now I’ll let my poetry do the talking!


Poetry is poetry and it is what it is

people wanna define but I just let it be.

I enjoy the feeling

of evoked emotion

passion and performance

a universal language

many intricacies

and details unique

various interpretations


Poetry is alive

on the ins and outs

in the hearts of many

tripping off the edges of mouths

over spilling

they don’t queue

they jump!

In leaps and bounds

no orderly fashion

no regulations

they are free

and they just be

more mouths are opening

syllables stampeding

continuously motion

in flux

for eternity



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Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed poetry anthology Raw and blogger
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