It was a great party! 9 October 2012

The house was decorated, the cakes made, drinks poured, and the guests arrived. And so WWB’s Independence party begun as Ali Mahdi welcomed his guests and asked them to share with the audience their thoughts and experiences of independence in poetry, song and dance. Some things made us laugh, some forced us to think deeply, and others made us want to get up and dance. It was a fitting event for what was our last performance at the Library Theatre after eleven years of performing there.

If you managed to make it, a big thank you for coming and making it so enjoyable. If you didn’t manage to make it – you missed a treat, and not just the chocolates in the break, or the dancing at the end. If you sent us your good wishes for a great night, they were received and helped to make it what it was.






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1 Response to It was a great party! 9 October 2012

  1. tessa lowe says:

    Very nice it was too. There are some more good photos on Writing West Midlands’ website too.

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